Friday, January 20, 2012

Richmond Park what a beautiful place and for my benefit it is only ten minutes away from my house. My new year resolution, perhaps the only one I strongly feel the urge to make it happen is , buy myself a nice vintage bicycle to ride around Richmond Park. The day I took these photos was so bloody cold, it was annoying cold. At some point I just told my friend to quit the pictures and said 'lets get out of this place'. I could not even pose properly, fortunately I wasn't the one holding the camera this time ( Oh this sounds mean). However it was nice to walk around it.

This nice dress I'm wearing is from unitedstyles. I don't think the pictures shows it much, due to the cold weather taking pictures without my coat was a torture. I bet I will wear it a lot this summer though. The cool thing about it is that I somehow designed it myself, take a look at the website. You can design a dress yourself. Oh and if you do design and get one, please show me..


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