Sunday, July 21, 2013

Simply Elegant Hairstyle

Hello friends!

I love the pictures I have to share with you today~ this is such a simple look to create but it looks very elegant.  First I made a small French braid headband.  Then I put my hair into a high ponytail.  I braided my hair into four English braids, so combined with the extra braid from my French headband I actually had five English braids in my ponytail.  I fastened the ends with clear elastics, then folded my braids up into a good length for my braided ponytail hairstyle.  I took the ends and wrapped them around the base of my ponytail like a bun.  Then I clipped this "bun" in place with two matching hairclips, and headed out the door!

As usual, I had a hard time decided which photos to leave out so I ended up including a lot!  One of the benefits of having your own blog, I guess :-)

Simply Elegant Hairstyle


And a bonus picture~ these are the braid waves when I took my hair down tonight :-)


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