Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few images I took this morning. The best feeling in the world I gotta tell you, is when you get out of bed knowing you've got the day off, to do whatever you want, whatever pleases you. Even if the day will be a total bore, it makes up itself for giving you that feeling of freedom - no responsabilities or chores.

I got up listened to my 20s & 40s Cds, dressed up and read a bit. I took a picture of that Elle Magazine I've been featured - that little illustration. Then I decided to go out. Put letters in the red box. Afterwards I bought some books and started reading one of them in the bus, even though I haven't finished the one I've started reading weeks ago.. I think it is okay to read two books at the same time as long as it doesnt get me confused . Then now I realize I need to eat, I haven't eaten anything..therefore I feel hungry.. humans need to eat, I need to eat.


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