Friday, September 27, 2013

6-strand Hairband Braid

Good morning from sunny Micronesia!

Last night I tried making a 5-strand braid, which built up my confidence enough to try a 6-strand braid.  I liked how it turned out so much that this morning I made a hairband braid with 6-strands.  I just gathered the lower section of my hair, banded it together with an elastic, then made the 6-strand braid.  When I had reached about as far as I could comfortably go, I tied the end of my braid off with another elastic.  I put the rest of my hair into a ponytail and wrapped my 6-strand braid around it like a hairband.  My bun is two sections loosely twisted together like a rope braid, held in place with bobby pins.  I would twist a little bit, stop and pin that section in place, then twist some more, etc...until the bun was finished.  I covered the two elastics with a butterfly clip, and was ready to head out the door!

A secret to making a 6-strand braid: Think over, under, over, under, over.  Also, it helps if you start off with your hair in a ponytail.  This makes it easier to keep the strands separate.




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