Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Halloween Hair...Jasmine

Disclaimer: Animated girls have unreal, freakishly thick hair. I would love to have animated, plastic hair that never messes up.

Start with dry hair. Part with the natural part. I also curled the ends.

Part the hair from the part to the ear. Temporarily put it in an elastic, just to keep it out of the way.

Now, back comb the hair, the boofier the better.

Now, I just took a clip and twisted it up...just for a minute. Take a length of ribbon and put it on the hair that is down just before the boof. Tie it at the base of the hair.

Now let her hair down. Those front pieces that you left down, spray them with hairspray and twist them back. I then bobby pinned the hair to the ribbon.

Then take and pull the hair into an elastic. Here is where you boof the hair up. I just pull up the hair from the ponytail. Take another length of ribbon and tie it around the ponytail. I took about a foot and wrap it on one side and tie, then the other. Until you have only enough left to tie a knot. You will see it better in the last picture.

Now, put in one more elastic and boof out the hair again.

Repeat with the ribbon. If I were doing this for Halloween, I would tuck the ends of the ribbons in.


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