Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Glamorous Up-do

I've always loved these kinds of updos, like beehives. They look so glamorous and vintage, and if it sometimes ends up looking messy, you can't make a mistake, messy updos/beehives look amazing! And the deep slide gave it a chic touch and with that finishend the look. I just wish I had all that hair to experiment with these kinds of hairstyles... well I can only wait. Visit  for the original tutorial.

 You need to section your hair off to fit the hair booty, leaving enough hair to cover the it. You can backcomb the roots of your hair if you are looking for an extra volume lift for this style. You can get the deep slide by parting your hair so it is in line with the arch of your eyebrow. Once you have sectioned off your side parting, secure in place with bobby pins. 

Next you need to section your hair into two different sections. Using the end of your comb, begin from the top of your ear and work around your head to create a neat parting which separates your hair into two sections. Neatly tie the top section of your hair into a ponytail using your hair band to ensure it stays put. Now it’s time for the styling of the hair left down! It's always nice to add some extra flicks to the ends to get the retro vibe. 

You basically straighten your hair until you get to the ends where you turn your wrist and flick the iron up. Spritz all over with hairspray and neaten up any fly-aways. Easy! 


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