Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To: Rihanna Inspired 80's Curly Up-Do

Hey everyone! Here's a hint of the 80's today! I like the glamorous and ladylike style of the 80's! And who brought that style back to life on the red carpet? Exactly, Rihanna! With her brave clothes, she always gets great critics from fashion experts all around the world! So, for you to be a trend setter like her, you will need a fresh new hairstyle!

The girl in the video used some and some false eyelashes. You will need a heat hair curler ( so you could get those loose bouncy curls on your pony tail ) and some bobby pins! This hairstyle is perfect for a holiday, picnic, for school and of course you can wear it every day. You can use  ( I found a great site full of headband collections! Click! ) Good luck!


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