Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To: Dying Your Hair Red

Can I tell you a secret? I don't have read hair. But I am in love with it, and I love red as a color also. When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney Princess was Ariel - the little mermaid. I wanted her beautiful fire read hair more than anything in the world ( I know, it sounds a little lame ). Because I was very interested in it, I did a little research on Google, and found some good advices.

1. Clairol Professional Dye 
 I recommend for you to use Clairol Torrids “Audacious Red” for a vibrant, red-orangey shade or Reddest Fire Red for a darker ( but still red-orange ) color. Don't buy the dyes online. If you visit a beauty store in person ( go-to shop is Sally’s ), you can pick out the shade you want based on swatches. In the end, the best shade for you depends on your natural hair color and what sort of shade you’re trying to achieve. Professional dyes are fairly easy to use and will ALWAYS produce a much more consistent color than box dyes.
If you use professional dye, you also need to buy developer with which to mix it. The volume of the developer that you’ll require also depends on your starting color and your desired color. Usually at a beauty store, the sales assistants can recommend which one you should use. Regardless of what volume you choose though, you should always go with the “Creme” developer, which is loaded with conditioner to protect your hair from damage.
Although there is no perfect anti-shade shampoo, I quite like John Frieda’s radiant red. 

“People who don't have red hair don’t know what trouble is.” – Anne of Green Gables
           One day I'm going to try it. 


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