Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY: Beach Hair Spray

For me, the best go-to summer hairstyle ( without any effort ) is definitely the beautiful messy beach hair. As you know, messy hairstyles are IN this season. This tutorial is going to be very useful, until you get your natural beach waves. The hairspray is all natural, it contains sea salt and almost everything that you can find in your kitchen. There's no hair damaging or something like that, it'll be like you just spend a day at the beach.

{Here's the DIY beach hairspray tutorial} 

♥ Coconut oil
♥ Sea salt 
♥ Vodka  
♥Hair gel
♥ Spray bottle
♥Measuring cups

Make sure that the water is warm-hot so the coconut oil melts.

 Coconut oil smells so delightful, and it's very helpful. If your hair is dry just use 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil!

You can also use rubbing alcohol. It lets the spray last longer and helps to break down your hairs oil build-up.

 If your hair is more oily, use more sea salt. But, ONLY sea salt.

 A few spritzes of hair gel gives your hair a better hold and texture. 

NOW: Spray all over damp hair and scrunch with your fingers. Blow dry or let it air dry. Finger comb through your hair and you look like you just came from a beautiful and fun day at the beach! You'll look so beautiful! 


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