Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen Inspired Braid Tutorial

Hey guys! I must say, I'm a big Hunger Games fan! Since I started to read the books, actually just finished "Catching fire", I became obsessed. So I decided to post a tutorial for the braid that Katniss wore in the Arena. This braid is most known as a dutch braid, the only difference is that it's curved. 

Step 1: Take three sections of your hair. 

Step 2: Take the first strand and pull it under the first strand. 

Step3: Take the third strap and pull it under the first strap.

Step 4: Add hair to the second strap.

Step 5: Once you add hair to the second strap, you're going to pull it under the third strap.

Step 6: Add hair to the first strap. Add hair into the straps you're holding between your fingers. Then bring that under the braid. 

Step 7: Keep adding hair to each strap, like you would do for a french braid. Pull the straps under the braid and over. You are basically reversing a french braid. 

Continue like that and you're finished! This braid is truly amazing!


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