Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hair Extensions for Beginners

Well yes hair extensions! They can be very helpful when it comes to styling. It's actually very obvious why they're so important. The hair it's self is human, and of the best quality, so it's also very important to find a great quality hair extention clips. Why clips? Well they're the easiest to insert. I recommend  extensions because the set comes with a lot of hair. Which is great if you want a real natural look.
I've learned all that in the post from the amazing blog named

The colour is the least of the problem. You can always email the team and they would recommend you the colour that might fit you the best. So no worries about that. Insering them is very simple too, and even if you don't really get it this time, you can always check some videos. After some practice, if your hair colour is not completely matching the hair extensions colour, learn how to blend it all out! 

To put them in, you simply part your hair, clip up a section, backcomb at the roots slightly so the clips have something to grip, and clip away! There is a guide that comes with your extensions that tells you exactly where to put which section of hair, and each section is also numbered in the order you insert them too.

It all just takes a little practice. Do you use hair extensions?


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